Sign up

By performing the first OAuth authorization on the Mastodon instance you use, the registration to Logdon as a new user is completed.

Follow the procedures below to perform OAuth authorization on your Mastodon instance.

1. Click the [Login with Mastodon] button and enter [Mastodon ID]

Click the [Login with Mastodon] button, then the screen to enter the Mastodon ID will appear. Please enter your Mastodon ID as "username@domain" and press the [Login] button.

Input mastodon id

2. Login on your Mastodon instance

Next, the login page of your Mastodon shows. Please enter your Mastodon "username" and "password", and then click the [LOG IN] button.

Mastodon login en

If you've already logged in to your Mastodon, this screen may be skipped.

3. Authorize Logdon to access your Mastodon account

Finally, please click the [AUTHORIZE] button to authorize Logdon to access your Mastodon account on the access authorization page.

Authorize logdon en

OAuth authorization will be completed by these procedures. By login with the initial OAuth authorization, the new user registration to Logdon is completed. Once you finish signning up to Logdon, you can log in to Logdon by the same procedures after the second time login.