It is explanation and usage to those who are using Logdon for the first time.

What you can do with Logdon

Logdon is a service that enables you to store your Mastodon toots like a blog-style diary. You can save the toots you posted to Mastodon, and you can browse or search the toots saved in Logdon. After user registration, your daily Mastodon's toots are automatically saved in Logdon.

About signup

On the sign up page, you can sign up to Logdon as a new user. By performing the first OAuth authorization on the Mastodon instance you use, the registration to Logdon as a new user is completed.

About login

You can log in to Logdon as a user from the log in page. You can log in to Logdon by performing OAuth authorization on your Mastodon instance.

About logout

You can log out from Logdon.

About stored toots

- At the time of signup

When you sign up as a new Logdon user, the latest 40 toots will be saved. The toots you post to Mastodon after them will be saved in Logdon.

- Maximum number of toots to be stored per day

After you sign up to Logdon, your daily toots are automatically saved. However, the maximum number of toots saved per day is 120. If the number of toots exceeds 120 in one day, the new 120 toots will be saved and the toots over 120 will not be saved.

- Stop toot saving and resume it

Once you stop saving toots and redo OAuth authorization to resume saving toots, toot saving will be restarted from the latest 40 toots.